Eastern Himachal

The next leg of my trip consisted of heading from Kullu to the far East…ok not that Far East, but still the magic of the unknown beckoned and and enticed me! Himachal Pradesh is a mini universe in itself, and its landscapes are inspiring…the word primordial actually takes on a meaning when seeing such places.



On my way to Banjar on the local bus, I happened to look out the  window to see this gorgeous tree creeping out of crystalline waters.  Almost as if it appeared through some divine force.



I saw that it was near a mandir (temple)….how appropriate right? Some may say big deal, it’s just a dead tree in the water, but if you stand at that spot, I guarantee you will feel something magical about this space.



So reaching my destination in the little town of Gushaini, I had to traverse  the Tirthan river in this little pulley cart to reach the guesthouse on the other side. I found out that all supplies are transported this way, and even saw it with my own eyes: food, propane tanks, wood, even 6month old babies!! I wanted to be left alone, floating above the middle of the river for a few days. listening to its roar…


The sun was setting my first night in Gushaini – nothing like dusk in the mountains…



Like I said, the sun sets, the sun rises, bathing everything in the most beautiful light and colors…nothing more significant than the coming together of light and dark



Even the trees are architectural! Nothing that man thinks of is unique…it is all derived from the beauty of the muse known as nature



First trek on this side of Himachal – and the sign is quite correct, it is Great! Headed for the waterfall…


So these are all my Himalayan trekking dogs! An amazing story…As I was by myself I prayed for some protection the next day on my trek, and I was given 10 very loyal gaurds who would deter anyone from coming near me…even the cows!! The Himalayas are truly alive – everything I asked for I was given immediately…



At the National Park, coming across little villages along the way


I love the way the mountains layer themselves…who wouldnt want to live in that house?!



We have reached the waterfall, and what better way to enoy then spash around with the pups! I know they had no idea what they were in for when they started following me…only 6 hours later did they reach home…




Went on a day trip to Jalori Pass. It is the first of 3 mountain passes that I visited on my trip. During the British rule, the most popular route to Kullu from Shimla was via the man-made Jalori pass. At about 3010 meters it impressed me, but later as I continued my trip, I realized it was a child among the massive Himalayas!



The mandir at Jalori Pass- why do they have to put a mandir everywhere? Everything becomes a religious affair in India…




More gorgeous layers…it looks like it never ends



Looking back, this doesn’t look as impressive as what is to come in later posts!!!



Moo!!! I don’t know if you were aware that I am obsessed with cows. My mother used to tell me stories of when we lived in Kullu and I would just sit in the middle of the field with all the cows walking around me…no fear! Not to mention my first word was ‘cow’, in English nonetheless! The cows at Jalori Pass were gorgeous, but walking around the massive mounds of dung…not so much.



Have no idea how this one came out black and white…bought my first digital camera especially for this trip, and I still can’t figure out how I did that. Real artsy like…



Mmm Grass




What the hell are you looking at? 





Don’t you feel like you are just going to fall in?




This little structure was all the way at the top, not sure what exactly it is, looks like a brick oven! And of course, another cow to grace the picture 

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