Yoga Sutra 1.2


Yoga means obtaining control over the modifications of the mind

When you are in a state of yoga, all misconceptions (vṛttis) that can exist in the mutable aspect of human beings (chitta) disappear. Yoga happens when there is stilling (in the sense of continual and vigilant watchfulness) of the movement of thought – without expression or suppression – in the indivisible intelligence in which there is no movement. In meditation, one imagines the mind as a clear, calm, and tranquil lake with not a ripple of thought on its surface. Yoga teaches that the mind itself borrows its intelligence and consciousness from the Atman or Purusha, or the Godhead that dwells within the body. The mind falsely identifies this consciousness with the ahamkara or ego-sense. Cultivating a one-pointed mind in meditation helps to dissolve the attachment to our vṛttis to see beyond the ripples to the lake itself.

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