40 Day Sadhana – Week 2 So’ham Mantra Meditation


Week 2 of your practice goes deeper into linking breath with sound, or mantra. The mantra is a vibration that focuses a dissipated mind and quells anxiety or boredom in your meditation practice. As you work systematically day by day, week by week, the mind begins to accept and even ask for this time of silence to sit. Initially, it revolts against this process as the habit pattern of the mind is to think, analyze, problem solve. However, this drains us of our energy when we cannot control when it is appropriate to do these tasks, and when it is necessary for the mind to simply be still and move into the observer state.


“The first step in meditation is concentration. Whatever you do–whether you are an accountant or a dancer–you have to be able to concentrate…. The first step in meditation is concentration, and you can attain that depth of concentration if you train yourself. Never give up! Accept meditation as part of your life, just as you eat, sleep, and to other things; make it a prominent goal to have a calm mind, to have a one-pointed mind, to have a tranquil mind. Do not give that up. Your meditation reflects its effect on your face. Your face is the index of your heart; meditation leaves a clear indication on your heart, which is reflected on the face.”

— Swami Rama

This meditation is approximately 14 minutes in length. As you deepen your awareness the mind becomes able to concentrate on one single task, the mantra (a repeated sound vibration), unlocking a reservoir of potential and energy for you to utilise in your daily life…

(note: the mantra is to be repeated in your head not out loud)


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