40 Day Sadhana – Week 4 Chakra Meditation


The deeper we move into meditation, the less we begin to identify so strongly with our thoughts, emotions and sensations. Meditation brings us closer to the reality that the world is a reflection of our mind. In Yoga, it is said that this whole universe is Maya, an illusion, and really a collective dream created by our minds.

While this may be hard to grasp, what we can begin to understand through our practice is that our attachment to our past and future colours and diminishes our ability to fully experience what actually is in the present. When our thoughts begin to dictate our experiences, we truly are sleepwalkers, asleep to the unique moments in our lives. Meditation allows us to dive into the experience of allowing our muck to come to the surface so that it can be released. As the waters become clearer, we then can see the authentic reflection of who we are.


Just think, Vishnu sleeps in the cosmic ocean, and the lotus of the universe grows from his navel. On the lotus sits Brahma, the creator. Brahma opens his eyes, and a world comes into being, governed by an Indra. Brahma closes his eyes, and a world goes out of being. The life of a Brahma is 432,000 years. When he dies, the lotus goes back, and another lotus is formed, and another Brahma. Then think of the galaxies beyond galaxies in infinite space, each a lotus, with a Brahma sitting on it, opening his eyes, closing his eyes, opening his eyes, closing his eyes.

– Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

This week’s meditation is ~20 minutes in length and is a journey into energizing stagnation and clearing more space through the chakras, or the 7 main energy centers in the body.

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