40 Day Sadhana – Week 5 Healing & Gratitude Meditation

Entering the Cave of the Heart


“Consciousness is an infinite and eternal field of intelligence. It is untouched by decay or decline and beyond want and need. It is perfect in every respect. This is the great and glorious truth of our core being.”

“A pristine mind is our best friend. It enables us to explore external and internal reality. However, when the mind becomes entangled in its own fluctuations, it has neither the time nor the energy to discover its own immense power. It no longer sees any reason to undertake the quest for inner fulfillment and ultimate freedom. It is so busy shifting among the disturbed, stupefied, and distracted states that it has neither the energy or wisdom to lift the veil of ignorance. The mind is essentially groping in darkness. Only when its roaming tendencies are arrested, its field of memory purified, and it regains its pristine nature can it recognize and communicate with the immortal, self-luminous Pure Being. With this experience, the intuitive understanding of our core being dawns. And this is when the mind’s purpose is accomplished.”

-Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, The Secret of the Yoga Sutra


This week’s practice is ~ 21 minutes in length. We dive into the seat of consciousness itself and how this consciousness can heal us at the deepest level:


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