Nature is the Perfect Healer

Spreading the spirit from Himalayas to open hearts and minds

June 21st – June 30th, 2019 – Present & Positive Retreat Center

In this immersion retreat, you will feel the importance of nature and understand it’s essence through experience. This is a universal introduction in how to realize one’s true nature within the elements of water, wind, earth and fire, and feel that we are a part of them. Accompanied by yoga and meditation, we will go into one’s depth, working in a group, as well as individually. Our self contemplation and self reflection will help us to come out of illusion and delusion. In this way, compassion and loving kindness becomes the real art of livingMain aspects of the retreat include:

  • Experiencing Impermanence:

Changing places each day to loosen the bonds of space and time, of belonging to space and time, and of creating and normalizing emotional attachments and identity related to where and who we are. Challenging the idea of security of place allows for the mind to shift from normalized habit patterns to more openness and awareness in every moment.

  • Convergence with the 5 Elements:

Placing emphasis on merging with the natural laws and their teachings by sitting with the elements. Laying in the forest to be with space and wind, experiencing stones to know the fire element. Being in water meditation, forest meditation with bare feet walking.

  • Development of Kindness & Compassion:

By being together in a group setting, we learn to take care of one another by cooking together (simple vegetarian foods, no garlic or onion), eating together, spending time in normal activities that help us to step out of ego-minded agenda to what is best for the whole, nature included.

  • Body Centric Learning

Practicing Yoga in the nature, out under the stars, amidst the elements to tie body to universe in very real lived connection rather than through imagination. Being mostly out of indoor spaces to experience how the elements that we feel around us also interplay in our own very bodies

  • Integration

Learning how an emphasis on impermanence through our physical environment alongside practices that unite one in both individual and group awareness can help better integrate an individual to their life ‘at home’ after the experience. When the retreat itself is more of a moving mystery and unfoldment, even sometimes not knowing where one will sleep, it will help to remain alert, attentive aware to present moment and happenings in nature, and including the movement then back to one’s life and its constant changing phenomena.

Retreat Guides: 

Sajana (Nepal)

At the age of 18, Sajana gained universal knowledge, becoming deeply connected to the essence of nature. She shares the true spirit of love and compassion to all sentient beings in this world, and is a guide into a deeper understanding.




Khushi Malhotra (USA & India)

Khushi received her training from the Himalayan Institute, the spearhead humanitarian organization of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, where she lived for 18 months. She combines a variety of teaching styles, but is rooted in the classical yoga sutras,  sanskrit, haha yoga and mainly teachings of the Buddha. Her teaching style is a combination of subtle body energetics and meditation in movement through the convergence with nature and her laws. She shares teachings for free on her youtube channel: khushyoga.

Where to come: Our retreat will be hosted at Present & Positive, a retreat and workshop site located in the magical mountainous region of Idyllwild, CA.

Accomodations: You are welcome to bring a tent and camp on Present and Positive land free of cost. The land has three compost toilets and a cold outdoor shower. We also will provide tents and equipment to rent for a small fee.

For those who would like a more comfortable stay, Bluebird Cottage Inn is a short walk from the retreat site. ( We are happy to arrange booking for you if needed.

How to get to Idyllwild: If you are not driving to the site itself, we recommend that you fly into ONT airport. We can arrange pickup/dropoff for you at a cost of $20 each way. Our pickup times are 1pm and 9pm on June 21st, and drop-off time is 6:15am on June 30th.

Retreat Price: Donation based.

Part Time Participation: If accompanying the retreat for the entire 10 days is not possible due to constraints, you are welcome to come and participate for as much time as your schedule allows. Please let us know in advance if this is the case.

*Please note, the use of intoxicants is not allowed during retreat