Study the Yoga Sūtras in the Traditional Way

Chanting & Exposition of Chapter 1 – Samādhi Pāda

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Most analysis of the Yoga Sūtras in the modern day are done as an intellectual reading. But the traditional method of learning Yogic texts was and always has been chanting and recitation. Through chanting, one’s mind opens to the heart, the vibration of the sanskrit words, and the deeper meanings of the sūtras. The rhythmic repetition of this text allows students to become familiar with the vocabulary of the text as well as learn to memorize the threads that weave together the first chapter. This process brings your mind to a meditative state preparing you for a deeper study. No matter how many times you have read the sūtras, chanting them opens up a whole new level of awareness and understanding!


SATURDAYS 10:30AM – 11:45am EST

If you miss a class, you can catch up via the recordings. Or if you are in a different time zone, then you can treat the course as self – study
Contact Hours: 16 CEs

  1. Jan 2 – Introduction to the Indian Philosophical systems, Sūtra literature, Who is Patañjali
  2. Jan 9 – Introduction to Basic Sanskrit and Pronunciation, Invocation Mantras
  3. Jan 17– Definition of Yoga. Chanting – 1.1 – 1.10
  4. Jan 23– Vṛttis – Fluctuations of the mind. Chanting – 1.5-1.15
  5. Jan 30 – Abhyāsa (Practice) and Vairāgya (detached awareness). Chanting 1.12 – 1.20
  6. Feb 6– Samādhi. Chanting 1.17 – 1.26
  7. Feb 13– Śraddha – Conviction in your practice. Chanting 1.20 – 1.30
  8. Feb 20– Īśvara – The greatest support for meditation. Chanting 1.26 – 1.35
  9. Feb 27– Antarāyas – The obstacles to my practice. Chanting 1.30-1.40
  10. March 6 – Citta Prasādana – Purification of my heart-mind. Chanting 1.33-1.41
  11. March 13 – Stages of Samādhi, Chanting 1.40 – 1.47
  12. March 20 – Stages of Samādhi, Chanting 1.45 – 1.51
  13. March 27 – Summary & optional assignment overview


  • Have a brief overview of Indian philosophical systems and where Yoga fits in.
  • Understand clearly, the definition of Yoga according to Patañjali.
  • Develop a devotional attitude to learning
  • Learn to recite all 51 Sūtras of the first chapter of the Yoga Sūtras, learning their pronunciation and becoming familiar with the vocabulary.
  • Learn all the key concepts from this chapter in a succinct and clear way.
  • Learn a consistent way to study (svādhyāya) to cultivate discipline and focus 
  • Optional: Test your knowledge through a quiz, short answer assignments & submitting an audio recording of your chanting. On successful completion you will receive a certificate (online).


  • First 51 Sutras Chanting Text
  • Sanskrit Basics
  • eCourse Materials including audio recordings of the first chapter
  • A Community of committed practitioners
  • Guidance from a teacher who has learned from tradition, and is steeped in the practice


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