This Intensive Ayurveda Seminar qualifies for LOY Ayurveda Module

Our Annual Spring Cleanse!

Live Sessions:
March 15th, 18 -20th

Guided Self-Preparation: March 15-17th

Replenish your Body Temple, cleanse the intestine and restore Ojas.
A Rare Opportunity to Engage in the Laghu Shankhprakshalana (Full Intestinal Cleanse) for the Spring!

*Limited to 30 participants

Please read my article on the Shatkarmas for more information!

What You Will Learn

Unique cleansing practices such as jala neti, kapalbhati, agni sara kriya, nauli kriya, trataka and shankhaprakshalana (full intestinal cleansing)

The science of the 5 elements and the doshas to learn the proper techniques to balance your body and mind state, including diet, yoga, massage and skin care

Video demonstrations to learn recipes for kichadi, ghee, tutorials on spices and self care practices

What’s Included

* Rare Opportunity to Be Guided Thru Full or Partial Intestinal Cleanse
* Lifetime Access to “Essence of Ayurveda eCourse”
* PDFs of Lecture Notes + Recipes
* Guided Daily Checklist
* The Ability to Ask Unlimited Questions Throughout the Webinar
* 20 CEs with Yoga Alliance (after completion of assignment)


*Please note – attendance of Sunday sessions are mandatory.

LIVE WELCOME SESSION! (will be recorded for those who cannot attend Live)

Tuesday March 15th
5:30pm-7pm EST

SELF -GUIDED (with my guidance via video & email)

Tuesday March 15th
Video: Ayurvedic Science + Preparation for Cleansing

Wednesday March 16th
Video: Ayurvedic Cooking + Your Cleanse Diet

Thursday March 17th
Video: Cleansing Practices/Shat Kriyas

LIVE SESSIONS March 18-20th

Friday March 18th
5:30pm-7pm EST
Ayurvedic Self Care Practices

Saturday March 19th
9am – 10:15am EST
Yoga Class for the Doshas
12pm – 2pm EST
Preparing for our Master Cleanse + Q & A

Sunday March 20th (must be attended live)
9am ~ 1pm EST* – Guided Shankhaprakshalana Cleanse with Yogic Exercises
*depends on each participant when cleanse is complete, usually takes 3-4 hours
3 – 4pm EST – Post Cleanse Checkin + Restructuring the Gut

Things You Will Need

Below you will find an ingredients list for the workshop. I have included links to places which have high quality products, but of course you are welcome to buy from any company, or use products you already may have

  • Neti Pot + Salt (Sea Salt or Himalaya Pink Salt)
  • Tongue Scraper (Copper is best)
  • Triphala Tablets (for ingesting, you can also ingest powder below to limit purchases but it can be very bitter for some)
  • Triphala Powder (1/4 lb. for making oil; more if you plan to ingest 1 tablespoon/day)
  • Sesame Oil (34 oz)
  • Coconut Oil for oil pulling (please get at least 8 oz)
  • Brahmi Tincture (Optional – we will go over information on herbs during the course)
  • Ashwagandha Tincture (Optional – we will go over information on herbs during the course)
  • Your favorite essential oil (i.e: sandalwood, jasmine, eucalyptus, lavender)
  • Refillable Oil/Butter Lamp with Cotton Wick (Diya) or Small Tea Lights
  • Ingredients for Cooking + Cleansing (see below under recipes)

Registration & Investment

Please Fill Registration Form Below – Does not guarantee enrollment.
Participants must satisfy health prerequisites for engaging in the master cleanse portion of Shankhaprakshalana. Once you are approved by Khushi, then I will contact you for payment info

Last Date to register March 8th

Early Bird: $149 (before Feb 20th)
Normal: $169
Previous Participants: $108 (If you have participated in the cleanse before)

*if you would like to join but are undergoing financial distress, please feel free to contact me