• Practice meditation.
  • Wear the color white/violet.
  • Practice ishvara pranidhana – understand your connection to all living beings on this planet. Surrender to the truth that is larger than “I”.
  • Practice prayer.
  • Spend time in nature with all the elements.
  • Read the stories of great masters and mystics in all fields.


Contemplation on Trustful Surrender (īśvara-praṇidhānā)

Patanjali, the codifier of the Yoga Sutras, gives us a wonderful way in which to understand that which is greater than us, or the elusive  īśvara. For many, the concept of God can be linked to religious practices, but for a true yogi/yogini,  īśvara is beyond time, space and causation. Trustful surrender to this īśvara principle is practice that can be cultivated over time. As one’s dedication to practice increases, so does the faith in the practice itself and the energy behind it.

Study the sutras below in contemplation of īśvara. Meditate on īśvara and within the lotus of your heart, discover who/what īśvara is to you. Write down the qualities and characteristics of your personal īśvara or depict in any way you wish and hang in a special place in your home.

Sutra I.23



Because of īśvara-praṇidhānā, the perfect aligning of attention is in īśvara -the ultimate seer

Sutra I.24

क्लेशकर्मविपाकाशयैरपरामृष्टः पुरुषविशेष ईश्वरः॥२४॥ 

kleśa karma vipāka-āśayaiḥ-aparāmr̥ṣṭaḥ puruṣa-viśeṣa īśvaraḥ

īśvara is a special kind of Being, untouched by ignorance and the products of ignorance, not subject to karmas or the results of action or klesas – the root obstructions (causes of pain).

Sutra I.25 तत्र निरतिशयं सर्वज्ञबीजम्॥२५॥ 

tatra niratiśayaṁ sarvajña-bījam

There (in īśvara), the seed of omniscience is unsurpassed.

Sutra I.26

पूर्वेषाम् अपि गुरुः कालेनानवच्छेदात्॥२६॥ 

sa eṣa pūrveṣām-api-guruḥ kālena-anavacchedāt

Being unconditioned by time, īśvara is the teachers of even the ancients teachers.

Sutra I.27

तस्य वाचकः प्रणवः॥२७॥ 

tasya vācakaḥ praṇavaḥ

The sacred word designating īśvara is Pranava or the mystic syllable OM.

Sutra I.28


taj-japaḥ tad-artha-bhāvanam

Repitition of this syllable reveals its meaning.

Sutra I.29

ततः प्रत्यक्चेतनाधिगमोऽप्यन्तरायाभावश्च॥२९॥ 

tataḥ pratyak-cetana-adhigamo-‘py-antarāya-abhavaś-ca

When Om reveals itself, wisdom is attained and obstacles fall away.