All Things Yoga for the Weird and Wild World of the Modern 21st Century

All things Yoga, from the ground up. This podcast is devoted to applying the ancient teachings of yoga to this strange modern world we find ourselves in. Yoga is much harder to practice now than ever before given our obsessions with technology, materialism and the ‘me’ culture of social media We discuss everything from philosophy to practice to lifestyle because all life is Yoga.

My name is Khushi. I am a yoga teacher of over 13 years trained in the classical styles of Swami Rama and Sri Krishnamacharya, and a Vipassana meditator. This podcast was born because I wanted to bring fresh rooted perspectives to inspire people to deepen their practice.

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Today’s episode is about the embracing of Bardo – the space between things. As we transition between 2020 and 2021, learn how the teachings of the Bardo can literally change your mind.
  1. Ep 3 – Enter the Gap
  2. Ep 2 – Ignorance is Bliss (or is it?)
  3. EP 1 – NOW the discipline of Yoga
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