Much of my work has to do with the preservation and exploration of the Himalayan culture and development, its ties with the yogic tradition, and bridging the knowledge and gifts of this amazingly pure and untouched region with the West. Our retreats are in the spirit of seva – selfless service and inner development. I have now expanded these retreats to other areas of the world where important work is happening and the energy of Nature is strong and supportive.

2018 Yoga & Service Retreats

Guatemala Lago Atitlàn Summer Retreat at La Puerta Abierta
June 28th – July 7th

Lake Atitlán is believed by the Maya to be the center of the universe where God’s seeds of mankind evolved.  This large endorheic lake (one that does not flow to the sea) is the deepest lake in Central America with a maximum depth of 1,120 feet (340 meters). The local people speak of a 50-75-year cycle during which the level of the lake water fluctuates dramatically. For this reason, the Maya have strategically built their pueblos far above the lakeshore. The lake’s landscape features three volcanoes: San Pedro (9908ft), Tolimàn (10,361 ft) and Atitlàn (11,605 ft).

Our retreat will occur in this magical setting at La Puerta Abierta, a primary school, traveling library and community center for the community of Santiago Atitlàn, as well as the surrounding pueblos on the lake. This retreat is about connecting to the history and culture of the natural landscape, service at the school and twice daily yoga classes at the feet of these holy volcanoes.

Program Fee: $1600 Early Bird, $1650 after May 1st (all profits after expenses donated to La Puerta Abierta)

For a peek at the setting, view my sublime morning practice, filmed in front of Volcàn San Pedro!

APV School in the Garhwal Himalayas
Our Philosophy

We are a mindful community nestled in the Indian Himalayas in Garhwal region, Uttarakhand. We live, meditate, farm, trek, make music and run a school together.

APV School is a model school and teacher training center dedicated to providing a holistic, mindful and inclusive educational experience to the children of Uttarakhand.
Find out more about our school on our website or watch our documentary film here


For more information, please contact us:




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