Our Values

WELCOME to our sustainable handicraft store in which products that celebrate India‘s heritage of natural fibers and materials are sold. Here at Simply Himalaya Handicrafts we:

* Pay fair amounts to the handicraft artisans and farmers we buy from 

* Give 10% of all profits to the Simply Himalaya Trust which supports Rural Himalayan Education & Livelihoods, including our main project APV School in the Garhwal Himalayas 

* Share our love of the incredible handicraft culture of India

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do! Every product has been tried and tested by us to ensure that they have beauty as well as functionality!

The Yoga World is overrun with those that have capitalized from the indigenous products and teachings, and have created a multibillion dollar ‘wellness’ industry from synthetic and unnatural products.

Support local South Asian Artists and Business Owners and purchase locally sourced items!

How to Order

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SOLD OUT - Super Soft Handloom Meditation Rug - Maroon

In stock
Product Details

Super Soft and Inviting Meditation Rug. It invites you to come and sit and observe the self! I use this every day in my sittings and just love it.

100% Organic Cotton - cotton is known to be hypoallergenic and does not irritate your skin.

This Meditation Rug is a traditional, hand-loomed cotton rug designed for seated practice, or just as a beautiful throw or support for your chair. Comes with beautiful handmade tassels.

Fabric & care

Material: 100% Hand Woven Brushed Cotton
: Red and Orange Interwoven/Maroon and Orange Interwoven
Care: Hand Wash & Line Dry
Size: 23.5"x25" (without tassels)

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