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Contemplation – Getting Out of Our Human-Centeredness | Video

Today’s contemplation is on how we as humans are obsessed with our own dominance and superiority over other beings, and how to work in accord with Nature inclusively, rather than above or against Her. Includes Pranayama practice. * How to do these contemplations: 1) sit in a meditative posture 2) relax your breathing 3) listen…

Ding Namaskara (Salutation to all Directions) | Video

You have all heard of Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), but a beautiful parallel practice is Ding Namaskara. Ding namaskara (dik+ namaskara) actually is part of the daily routine in India. Each movement is combined with the mantra honoring the specific direction and the guardian associated with it. You can practice with Ujjayi and the Bandhas…

Zoom Yoga Class Sneak Peek | Video

Take a look into what a Zoom yoga class is like with me. This class is a perfect balance of yin and yang to restore the nervous system and fill your energetic cup! To join a class see my schedule page. Duration: 75 Min Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Getting Ready for Meditation | Video

Before we even begin to meditate, it is really important that we create the right conditions for the mind and body to sit. Learn some easy ways to do so! If you want to find out more about my 40 day beginner meditation course visit ecourses Duration: 10 Minutes Level: Beginner

Yoga for Neck & Shoulders | Video

Feeling stuck in the upper part of the body? Modern life and the age of technology doesn’t help! This sequence will help all of us who are having difficulty in the neck and shoulder region, whether it be pain management, or just wanting strengthen and stretch this area. Find some release and relief! Level 1…

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