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61 Point Relaxation | Video

61 point relaxation is one part of the Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) technique, and gives one an overall sense of peace, contentment and energy by linking the mind in a relaxed and attentive state to the body as it rests.

This is a guided practice that takes you through the internal energy centers in the body known as marma sthanas. These marma points can be visualized as mini chakras, or hubs or energy that radiate from a central point. This relaxation is excellent for those who have difficulty sleeping or focusing, or suffer from anxiety.

Points of practice: Make sure you are absolutely comfortable, laying on your back; be in a quiet, darkened room; let your focus be very relaxed; let thoughts roll in and out, but stay in the background, while your attention on the body remains in the foreground.

Duration: 16 Minutes

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