An advanced level training for Yoga teachers and serious practitioners. Classical Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandhas are the most important kriyas that lead to the state of meditation. When these practices are done with awareness, knowledge and preparation, yoga becomes sadhana. We will study and practice with the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and other source texts that give insight into pranic application of Kundalini (dormant energy) and Prana Shakti (active energy). Focus will be on proper teaching and practice, historical roots, textual references, therapeutic & physiologic applications and subtle body science.



  • Historical Roots of Hatha Yoga Practices as derived from Tantra and other sources
  • The Meaning and Relevance of Hatha Yoga in Modern Asana
  • Textual References for what we practice
  • Classical Asanas and their purpose and function
  • In-Depth Physiological and Energetic Anatomy
  • The Practice of the 5 Bandhas
  • Misconceptions Around Mudras – Clarifying their meaning, purpose and practice
  • The Transformation of Asana into mudra and bandha
  • Subtleties of Pranayama: Pre-practices, practical hints, seasonal considerations, technical considerations, benefits and modifications (Internal & External Kumbhakas, Ujjayi, Surya & Chandra Bheda, Sheetali, Viloma Ujjayi, Bhastrika, Kapalabhati etc.)
  • How to Practice & Teach in accordance with Hatha yoga principles


Please note: Live Attendance is Mandatory if you are using this towards a YTT or teacher training credits
(for those not looking for credit or who are in differing time zones, you can attend via recordings – please email me if this is the case)
Certificate available after completion of additional assignment

(all timings are EST)

Weekend 1
Dec 4-5th 2021

Saturday: 9-12pm; 1:30-4pm
Sunday: 9-12pm; 1:30-4pm

Monday – Friday
Dec 6th – 10th 2021

Self-Guided Daily Practice with Recordings and Readings

Weekend 2:
Dec 11-12th 2021

Saturday: 9-12pm; 1:30-4pm
Sunday: 9-12pm; 1:30-4pm

Contact Hours: 22 (live)
Non-Contact Hours: ~8 (pre-recorded or guided self study)
Total Hours: 30 CEs


~ Live Teachings on important and rarely discussed Hatha Yoga concepts

~ Training Manual with PDFs of Textual References included sanskrit, transliteration and translations

~ Access to Lecture Recordings (recordings will be available for 2 months)

~ 30 CEs with Yoga Alliance

~ Practices Guidelines for you to do during the week in between sessions

~ A Community of Committed Yoga Practitioners


Must be a yoga teacher or committed practitioner of 3 years to join

Early Bird (ends Nov 7th): Sliding scale $250 – $325*
Regular: Sliding Scale $325 – $375

*if you would like to join but are undergoing financial distress, please feel free to contact me for payment plans and possible partial scholarships

Please submit your registration form below – once I have gone through it I will contact you for payment information.