SEPTEMBER 10-24th 2022:

Our signature retreat focusing on connection to oneself in nature, cultural activities and immersion in our school

Two Week Immersive Experiences in the Lap of Mother Nature

Spreading the Spirit from the Himalayas

Not your usual yoga retreat. A life transforming experience in the remote Indian Himalayas, this experience is for those who have a calling for deep dive into the lap of mother nature, a desire for immersive practice, and a wish for life long connections and memories. This yoga retreat is meant to capture the essence of true spiritual sadhana or practice within the rich culture of the Garhwal Himalayas. Unlike boutique yoga retreats which are disconnected from the local culture they are placed in, ours is meant to inspire simplicity, respect for others and environment and humility. Feel a part of true Himalayan culture and homes. Through the experiences of dozens of participants we can easily say that these retreats make a big impact – They are meant to give respect to the origins of Yoga and the transformative power of the Himalayas.

About APV School

Our main stay and service will be at APV School (SBMA Campus) in the Garhwal Himalayas –> find it on the map!

Our Philosophy

We are a mindful community nestled in the Indian Himalayas in Garhwal region, Uttarakhand. We live, meditate, farm, trek, make music and run a school together. Our school is situated in the Shri Bhuveneshwari Mahila Ashram (SBMA) campus, a well known local Garhwali NGO that has been running since the 1970s to provide a safe haven for women and children and support the livelihoods of the local people.

APV School is a model school and teacher training center dedicated to providing a holistic, mindful and inclusive education to the children of Uttarakhand for the last 17 years.

Find out more about our school on our website or watch our documentary film  here


YOGA: Practicing Yoga in Dev Bhumi or the Land of the Gods gives one a real connection to the roots of the Yoga tradition and the countless sages and saints who did their tapas deep in the recesses of the Himalayas. We will be practicing Classical Hatha, Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama Techniques and Restorative Yoga

MEDITATION: The natural fresh and pure environment provides ample prana, life force, for one to go deep into meditation. The qualities of simplicity and humility are enhanced here to aid one in accessing a space of deep inner joy and radiance, away from the ego drives and fast pace of modern life

SERVICE: Giving service at APV School invites participants to truly develop meaningful connections and relationships with local children and teachers, as well as utilize the retreat as a means to experience one’s own transformation through the act of karma yoga. The mindful educators retreat includes extra sessions in education philosophy and engagement with the school and founder Anand Dwivedi

CULTURAL IMMERSION: Almost every day consists of a new adventure – whether a visit to a local temple, a hindi lesson, a village walk, planting seeds, boating on the lake, discussions of meditation, a jungle trek, cooking lessons etc, our retreat is focused on participants fully engaging with their environment so that the imprint of the retreat lasts a lifetime

*Please note, the use of intoxicants is not allowed during retreat
** Our retreats are family friendly!

COVID POLICY (these are changing as the situation changes, updates will be shared)

  • Participants must be vaccinated and carry proof of vaccination
  • To travel to India, participants must have a negative PCR test at least 72 hours prior to travel
  • Participants are suggested to wear masks in heavily populated areas such as Delhi
  • In the event that India closes its border due to COVID related reasons, participants will be returned all of their deposit minus $75 processing fee (participants are advised to book with airlines that reimburse tickets free of cost due to covid related cancellations)


  • Option to Arrive on the 6th for the Pre-Retreat Golden Triangle Tour (see below)
  • Sept 10th – Arrival in Delhi by afternoon (if arriving earlier, please let us know); check-in to hotel; welcome dinner
  • Sept 11th – Travel to the Himalayas (this is a long day) – Early morning train to Haridwar; Lunch in Rishikesh with light shopping; Jeep to retreat site with night arrival; Light dinner at retreat site
  • Sept 12th – Sept 21st – Retreat at APV School, Anjanisain, Uttarakhand
  • Sept 21st – 23rd – Rishikesh Excursion: Visit, Meditate and Dip at the Holy Ganga River, Attend the evening aarti, option for Ayurvedic Treatments, etc.
  • Sept 23rd – Evening train to Delhi
  • Sept 24th – Departure to Home. If you wish to visit the Taj Mahal or spend more time in Delhi, please book your ticket after 10pm on the 24th or the next day


Early Bird: $1650*
Normal (After May 1st): $1750

*25% of all retreat profits are donated to APV School Himalayan Education Fund
* Payment Plans Available
* For those coming from non-1st world countries – please contact me


  • Transfers to/from Delhi to Retreat Site
  • Airport transfer via the hotel in Delhi
  • Accommodations in Delhi and Rishikesh: double occupancy (single occupancy available for additional fee)
  • Simple Accommodation at Retreat Site
  • Yoga/Meditation (Twice Daily)
  • All Cultural and Environmental Activities including Guided Treks, Village Visits, Temple Visits, Cooking Classes and more at retreat site
  • In School Immersion


  • Visa (~60-$100)
  • Airfare
  • Food in Rishikesh & Delhi
  • Optional travel to Taj Mahal on last day from Delhi (Entrance fees, tour and food at Taj Mahal)
  • Optional 4 night Golden Triangle Tour before each retreat

Golden Triangle Pre-Tour (Delhi – Jaipur – Agra)


Khushi Malhotra (USA & India); E-RYT, YACEP, MSW, MPH

Khushi received her training from the Himalayan Institute, the spearhead humanitarian organization of Swami Rama of the Himalayas, where she lived for 18 months. Her love of the Himalayan masters brought her right to their holy feet. She has been with APV School for almost 10 years, and has been teaching Yoga for 13. Her style is rooted in the Tantras, classical yoga sutras and vedanta, hatha yoga, and the teachings of the Buddha. She loves to wander around nature, and play with kids and animals any chance she gets.

Mohan Panwar (Anjanisain, Uttarakhand, India)

Mohan is a native of the Himalayas and has lots of experience taking people deep into the grandeur and peace of the Himalayas. Growing up himself as a child of the local ashram, he has dedicated his life to helping children less advantaged find the care and love they so desperately need. He helped start APV school and has been a mindful educator for over 17 years. He will serenade you with his flute while taking you on hikes, and make you laugh with his wonderful stories. As he likes to say, “Discover yourself in the Himalayas!”

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