300 Hour Yoga Vaidya Advanced Training Program

Deepen Your Study on the Path of Yoga! A series of trainings aimed at giving serious practitioners and/or yoga teachers the skills and means to develop wisdom and insight related to one’s personal sadhana and teaching. The LOY Advanced Training helps one access the creative and intuitive realm of becoming a Yoga Vaidya (traditional physician of Yoga)

Ariya Yoga School (AYS) is a teachers’ training dedicated to the preservation of the teachings of Patanjali and the Buddha. After over 15 years of teaching, I have found that there is a decline in the quality of yoga teachers and education, and a separation of meditation from yoga. This has really inspired me to want to create this opportunity for serious practitioners – those who wish to understand how to walk the path of Yoga and become meditators who are guardians of the teachings. AYS will delve into how we can become an ariya, or noble one – one who practices, embodies, and shares the classical and integral teachings of Yoga by their living example though alignment of thought, speech and action. These teacher trainings are for those who have a serious intention, dedication and practice, and are seeking truly the way of service and liberation through the 8 limbs and 8 fold noble path in this modern world.


Modules can be taken all together to qualify for entire Advanced Training in LOY or separately; modules do not have to be taken in order, although Light on Hatha Yoga: The Science of Kundalini & Prana is a foundation for all others

Light on Hatha Yoga:
The Science of Kundalini & Prana

Asana, Pranayama, Mudra & Bandha

Dates: Feb 4th & 5th; Feb 11th & 12th 2023 – Recordings Available
Prerequisites Apply
30 Hours

Ayurveda, Yoga & Cleansing

Cleansing Techniques, Doshic Analysis, Marma, Diet, Massage & More

Dates: NA
Introduction Available as eCourse (7 Hours)

Vinyasa Krama

Systematic Study of Asana as an Art Form thru Krishnamacharya Method

Dates: TBA
Prerequisite: LOY Module I or equivalent study + 3 years committed practice

Yoga Chikitsa: Methods of Yogic Diagnosis

Therapeutic Analysis of Self & Others

Dates: TBA

Advanced Meditative & Yoga Nidra Techniques

Vishoka Meditation, Prana Dharana, Yoga Nidra & Metta Meditation

Live Session Has Passed – Recordings Available
Prerequisites Apply
17 Hours

Transmission: Meditation Teacher Certificate Course

Learn how to be a guide, channel and space holder for Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Dates: Live Session has passed
80 Hours

Suggested Prerequisite: Advanced Meditative & Yoga Nidra Techniques

Tantric Science of the Chakras & Elements

In Depth Study of the Energy Centers with the Practice of Bhuta Shuddhi

Dates: July 28-30th; August 11-13th 2023
Prerequisite: LOY Module I /equivalent study or 3 years committed practice

Heart of Yoga Sutras: Chanting Course

Study and Chanting of the Yoga Sutras

Dates: TBA


  • Live Teachings on important and rarely discussed Hatha Yoga concepts
  • Historical Roots of Yoga Practices as derived from Tantra and other sources
  • Textual References for what we practice
  • In-Depth Physiological and Energetic Anatomy
  • How to Practice & Teach in accordance with Hatha yoga principles
  • For all courses combined, deepen the learning experience with a 200-plus page downloadable, rewritten, redesigned manual
  • Access to online platform
  • Quizzes and assignments complement and reinforce the learning experience
  • Ignite the full force of your practice or teaching
  • A Community of Committed Yoga Practitioners
  • Build a foundation to teach yoga as a therapeutic science
  • Learn to create unique practices for a wide variety of students and types of classes
  • Teach a variety of meditation and nidra techniques and transmit the true potential of this ancient science
  • Understand your dharma/destiny
  • CEs with Yoga Alliance for all the modules


Must be a yoga teacher or committed practitioner of minimum 3 years to join LOY trainings