I offer many services to my clients to assist one in feeling more free and connected in one’s daily life with the living wisdom of yoga. All sessions available either via phone, video or in person if you live in the area. Please book below to schedule an appointment for my services.

Initial 30 Minute Intake Free

Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions

These sessions are for those who wish to go deeper into the energetic alignment of the practice for emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. I work with individual bodies and minds to tailor hatha yoga practices such as asana, pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation specific to your needs.

Ayurvedic Counseling

Ayurveda is about connecting oneself with daily rituals for balance and homeostasis. This ancient Indian system looks at daily rhythms, seasonal rhythms, and the stage of life for taking a holistic view of one’s life. I am happy to offer my clients a basis of creating rituals for self-care that sustain the energies of life and create a strong container for all other practices to be built upon it. In these sessions we look at sleep, diet, lifestyle and many other environmental and internal factors.

Intuitive Counseling Sessions

My training as a social worker and my service work around the world has shown me the commonality of human suffering, as well as the way out. In these sessions, I use a variety of modalities that can help you gain the tools for self mastery. These modalities are based both out of a psychological and yogic perspective with the underlying basis of love and compassion for all beings. We use targeted interventions depending on where one is at the moment. My aim is to give you the means to have minimum dependence on any one outside of yourself.

Deepening Your Study

Private classes on the philosophy (sutras, Gita etc.), subtle body anatomy (chakras, bandhas, vayus, etc.), and basic Sanskrit for those students wishing to deepen their study one on one


One on one mentorship for teachers to refine their teaching so that it is based in the philosophical and scientific tenets of Yoga. Depending on the area you wish to dive into, we can establish a mode of study and learning in which the teachings of yoga come alive in the way that you share with your students.

Creative Coaching

If you are wanting to start a new endeavor and are unsure of the steps to do so, I can assist you in making your vision come to life in a yogic way – whether that be writing & creative projects, establishing an online presence, creating a website, outlining a proposal, etc. You can see an example of my work @ http://www.clearspace.vision


30 Minute Consultations ($50-75/hour sliding scale)*
60 Minute Consultations ($75-125/hour sliding scale)*
Donate via: Paypal or Venmo
*lower cost options available for those undergoing financial distress and BIPOC/marginalized communities