61 Point Relaxation Meditation

61 point relaxation is one part of the Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) technique, and gives one an overall sense of peace, contentment and energy by linking the mind in a relaxed and attentive state to the body as it rests. Continue reading 61 Point Relaxation Meditation

Chai Recipe

Coffee jitters getting you down?

Nothing is more alluring than the infusion of spices in a delicious cup of chai early in the morning –  I make sure to start every day armed with a thermos. Not only does the process of creation ground me in the morning, taking 15 minutes to nurture myself allows me to be more focused throughout the day. Continue reading Chai Recipe

The Tale of Angulimala

The fantastic story of Angulimala from the time of the Buddha is one that children across India know. I got to  know the story on my first Vipassana meditation retreat, and years later it continues to fascinate me. Angulimala’s tale is all about the potential to rise out of our suffering and ignorance and into the light of wisdom. How a good, honest person, given the right circumstances, can be corrupted. And how a bloodthirsty maniac, given the right circumstances, can become one of the most compassionate liberated beings on Earth. It is both a tale of caution and deliverance…

Continue reading The Tale of Angulimala

Yoga Series for Clearing Energy Blockages

I really love this series because it is so effective.

The Pawanmuktasana series comprises of three complementary groups of practices (Anti-rheumatic, digestive/abdominal and energy blockage removing) that regulates and stabilizes the flow of energy. This series develops awareness of body movements and the subtle effects they have on various levels of being, and can be used as an ideal preparatory foundation to open up all major joints and to create a healthy and balanced mind.

Duration: 31 Minutes             Level: I