Sublime Morning Yoga Practice

What better place to soak in the energy than the mystical Lake Atitlán. Many of you have asked me for a concise all inclusive practice. After many years of practicing and teaching, I found one 🙂 This yoga sequence is my favourite way to wake up and go in the morning in a focused, mindful and energized way. I really feel it is the most quick and effective practice with long lasting results. Great for those who travel a lot like I do! This tutorial is about 30 minutes, but once you have the sequence down, it won’t take more than 15 minutes.

Sequence consists of the Tibetan 5 rites, Agni Sara and its preparations, as well as Ganesh Mudra.


Yoga for Cultivating Inner Fire

This is a stimulating practice for the navel center, using both asana and pranayama to access the energy of fire within and heat up the body while developing balance and focus of the mind. Continue reading Yoga for Cultivating Inner Fire

Brahma Mudra

Brahma Mudra is by far one of my favorite practices, especially because it is available to everyone. It is one of those sequences that grows as the student goes deeper into their practice. Although externally simple, Brahma Mudra allows you to access the deeper channels of inner focus and ease in your sitting posture. Continue reading Brahma Mudra