Like the Lotus Practice | 40 Minutes | Video

Like the Lotus rising above the mud, our sadhana can help us open our minds to expansiveness and freedom amidst the swirling emotions of chaos, sadness, anger and jealousy. Gain the nourishment you need from this practice!

Getting Ready for Pinca Mayurasana | Video

This is a Vinyasa Krama based class which focuses on getting one ready for Pinca Mayurasana - a wonderful inversion that opens the back, but requires strength and focus! To join live classes and see the schedule, visit: or if you cannot join live check out my monthly subscription ($20) to an online library … Continue reading Getting Ready for Pinca Mayurasana | Video

Mythology Inspired Yoga Practice | Video

This class is inspired by my lecture given at Yoga Alliance on Mythology (please see previous post for free replay). I am happy to share with you some of the stories behind the poses we do all the time, and what the energy of the asanas relate to in terms of Yoga Mythology. For Parts 2 & 3 of the asana series, you are welcome to subscribe to my online full class library where I offer dozens of classes taken at your convenience for an affordable monthly investment: