Getting Ready for Pinca Mayurasana | Video

This is a Vinyasa Krama based class which focuses on getting one ready for Pinca Mayurasana - a wonderful inversion that opens the back, but requires strength and focus! To join live classes and see the schedule, visit: or if you cannot join live check out my monthly subscription ($20) to an online library … Continue reading Getting Ready for Pinca Mayurasana | Video

Good Morning Greet the Sun Meditation | Audio

Greeting the morning sun is an ancient and important ritual for balancing one's mind towards peace, gratitude and acceptance of the cycles of life. Remembering your innate nature each and every morning helps to stabilise you on the ground of truth and wisdom. Join me for this short practice that infuses one with the energy … Continue reading Good Morning Greet the Sun Meditation | Audio

Ep 4 – The Power of Pilgrimage | Podcast

In today's episode of atha yoga I speak with JΓΆrn Materne, pilgrimage guide and meditator, on his experiences leading and guided people on meditation journeys for the last 10 years. Pilgrimages are one of the lesser known unique ways of developing in your journey towards peace. Are pilgrimages still relevant for the modern seeker? And … Continue reading Ep 4 – The Power of Pilgrimage | Podcast

Yoga for the Mind | Video

A practice geared towards stilling the fluctuations of the mind with pranically charged asana and pranayama. Includes Yoga Mudra, Ding Namaskara, Headstand and Maha Mudra. For more background, please see my lecture on the Yogic Mind: Yoga Alliance Series Part 7 – Karma & Dharma |Β Video Now you can access all my free and paid … Continue reading Yoga for the Mind | Video