Dhangkar – The Cliffside Monastery

Dhangkar Gompa is something not from this world. Situated on dangerous cliffs, the monastery is over 1000 years old and is perched at an elevation of 12,774 feet. The Dhangkar complex is built on a 1000-foot (300-metre) high spur overlooking the confluence of the Spiti and Pin Rivers. In 2006, World Monuments Fund selected Dhankar gompa … Continue reading Dhangkar – The Cliffside Monastery

On the Way (to and from) Mars

So Spiti is always a place I will associate with Serendipity. For me, the two names are interchangeable because of the series of events that led me there. Mainly, bumping into a distant cousin of mine (whom I had never met) at the guest house I was staying at in Solang Nala. I had pretty … Continue reading On the Way (to and from) Mars

Beas Kund – The Sacred Pool

After a relaxing trip to East Himachal I headed up North to Solang Nala, and I knew at once I had found my home. The epic Himalayan snowcapped mountains I had been looking for were right in front of my eyes. Khema, the owner of the guest house, told me about a trek to Beas … Continue reading Beas Kund – The Sacred Pool

Bijli Mahadev – The Temple of Lightning

So of course when hearing about this great Shiva lingam that was struck by lightning at the top of  Kullu valley, I had to go check it out! Not so easy to make your way up there, but upon seeing 75 year old women carrying heavy bushels on their heads and walking effortlessly up the … Continue reading Bijli Mahadev – The Temple of Lightning