Sublime Morning Yoga Practice

What better place to soak in the energy than the mystical Lake Atitl√°n. Many of you have asked me for a concise all inclusive practice. After many years of practicing and teaching, I found one ūüôā This yoga sequence is my favourite way to wake up and go in the morning in a focused, mindful … Continue reading Sublime Morning Yoga Practice


Yoga Series for Clearing Energy Blockages

I really love this series because it is so effective. The Pawanmuktasana series comprises of three complementary groups of practices (Anti-rheumatic, digestive/abdominal and energy blockage removing) that regulates and stabilizes the flow of energy. This series develops awareness of body movements and the subtle effects they have on various levels of being, and can be … Continue reading Yoga Series for Clearing Energy Blockages

Yoga for Cultivating Inner Fire

This is a stimulating practice for the navel center, using both asana and pranayama to access the energy of fire within and heat up the body while developing balance and focus of the mind. Duration: 72 Minutes             Level: II

Agni Sara

Stoke your internal fire with the cleansing practice of Agni Sara¬†helping to heat up the body from the navel center to stimulate digestion and detoxification. Click here for an awesome step by step tutorial of¬†Agni Sara by the Himalayan Institute. Benefits: increased circulation to abdominal muscles, tissue and organs, pelvic muscles, tissue and organs, improves … Continue reading Agni Sara