Ep 4 – The Power of Pilgrimage | Podcast

In today's episode of atha yoga I speak with Jörn Materne, pilgrimage guide and meditator, on his experiences leading and guided people on meditation journeys for the last 10 years. Pilgrimages are one of the lesser known unique ways of developing in your journey towards peace. Are pilgrimages still relevant for the modern seeker? And … Continue reading Ep 4 – The Power of Pilgrimage | Podcast

Mind Matters Most | Article

All beings that exist with the life force within them want only one thing - to be free from all sufferings. Whether we are consciously aware of this or not is not of relevance - the truth is there in front of our eyes, in front of our actions, in front of our words, our … Continue reading Mind Matters Most | Article

Stages of Calm (Samatha) in Meditation | Video

In this video I highlight a beautiful metaphor that I heard about different states we all experience in meditation. Next time you go to sit, just remember these metaphors and they will help you navigate the waters of your mind. The link to the LIVE 6 weeks, 40 day meditation commitment starting Jan 3rd 2020 … Continue reading Stages of Calm (Samatha) in Meditation | Video

Contemplation – Getting Out of Our Human-Centeredness | Video

Today’s contemplation is on how we as humans are obsessed with our own dominance and superiority over other beings, and how to work in accord with Nature inclusively, rather than above or against Her. Includes Pranayama practice. * How to do these contemplations: 1) sit in a meditative posture 2) relax your breathing 3) listen … Continue reading Contemplation – Getting Out of Our Human-Centeredness | Video

Getting Ready for Meditation | Video

Before we even begin to meditate, it is really important that we create the right conditions for the mind and body to sit. Learn some easy ways to do so! If you want to find out more about my 40 day beginner meditation course visit ecourses https://youtu.be/Zz3hGonC_uM Duration: 10 Minutes Level: Beginner