The Tale of Angulimala

The fantastic story of Angulimala from the time of the Buddha is one that children across India know. I got to  know the story on my first Vipassana meditation retreat, and years later it continues to fascinate me. Angulimala's tale is all about the potential to rise out of our suffering and ignorance and into the light of … Continue reading The Tale of Angulimala


The Greatest Metaphor a Poet Ever Knew

God is a beautiful metaphor That cannot be spoken That cannot be seen That cannot be touched. God is that which lies between all things is above, below, and surrounds all things. God is a beautiful metaphor; remain Quiet, remain Still Give Her space to play within Thee.

Rishi Angiras

Rishi Angirasa is one of the Saptarishis (Seven Immortal Sages) and the Manasaputra (son born of the mind) of Brahma, and is one of the Projenitors of humankind. Many verses in the Vedas are attributed to Rishi Angirasa. He, along with sage Atharvan, are said to have composed (heard) most of the Atharvana Veda. Through … Continue reading Rishi Angiras

Narada and Bhakti Yoga

"He who hates none, who is the friend of all, who is merciful to all, who has nothing of his own, who is free from egoism, who is even-minded in pain and pleasure, who is forbearing, who is always satisfied, who works always in Yoga, whose self has become controlled, whose will is firm, whose … Continue reading Narada and Bhakti Yoga