The Tale of Angulimala

The fantastic story of Angulimala from the time of the Buddha is one that children across India know. I got to  know the story on my first Vipassana meditation retreat, and years later it continues to fascinate me. Angulimala’s tale is all about the potential to rise out of our suffering and ignorance and into the light of wisdom. How a good, honest person, given the right circumstances, can be corrupted. And how a bloodthirsty maniac, given the right circumstances, can become one of the most compassionate liberated beings on Earth. It is both a tale of caution and deliverance…

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Narada and Bhakti Yoga

“He who hates none, who is the friend of all, who is merciful to all, who has nothing of his own, who is free from egoism, who is even-minded in pain and pleasure, who is forbearing, who is always satisfied, who works always in Yoga, whose self has become controlled, whose will is firm, whose mind and intellect are given up unto Me, such a one is My beloved Bhakta. Continue reading Narada and Bhakti Yoga