Yoga for Neck & Shoulders | Video

Feeling stuck in the upper part of the body? Modern life and the age of technology doesn't help! This sequence will help all of us who are having difficulty in the neck and shoulder region, whether it be pain management, or just wanting strengthen and stretch this area. Find some release and relief! Level 1 … Continue reading Yoga for Neck & Shoulders | Video

What is Yoga Nidra? | Article

“(This) extraordinary sleep of no slothfulness, which removes (any) thought of the world of multiplicity, manifests for people when all their former attachments have vanished because of the superiority of their inward awareness. Yoganidra, in which extraordinary happiness arises from uninterrupted practice, blossoms in the yogin whose basis of intentional and volitional thought has been … Continue reading What is Yoga Nidra? | Article

Why Do Spiritual Practice During the Full Moon? | Article

Yoga Sadhana During Purnima The Buddha was born under the full moon, gained enlightenment under the full moon, gave his first sermon under the full moon and passed away into Mahaparinibbana on the full moon. Many noble beings choose the full moon as an important marker stone for their life events. But why? What makes … Continue reading Why Do Spiritual Practice During the Full Moon? | Article