Upcoming Fall/Winter Events!

Hi Friends! I am excited to share with you my lineup for the Fall - there are some very special trainings and events that are beneficial for anyone wishing to go deeper into the study of Hatha and Raja Yoga! We have the 1) Fall Equinox Cleanse 2) 40 Day Meditation Sadhana 3) 40 Day Pranayama Sadhana 4) Light on Hatha Yoga Advanced Training. Do take a look!

The Shat Kriyas (Shat Karmas) & Shankhaprakshalana – Cleaning the Body from Top to Bottom | Article

Hi Friends! I am happy to share this article below as further information on my Cleanse & Purify Thyself Workshop - happening March 16th-21st. This Workshop will teach practitioners the fundamentals of Ayurveda and Cleansing Practices known as the Shatkarmas. On the last day, I will conduct the Shankhaprakshalana cleanse for all participants. This is the only type of cleanse I myself do as I find it a complete wash and reset, without intensive fasting or extremes. As you know, everything in Ayurveda is about balance. You are welcome to join the course!

Champi Tutorial – Indian Head Massage |Video

One of the most effective ways to relieve stress and tension in Ayurveda by activating the marma sthanas (pressure points) in the scalp, face and ears. Learn this self massage and feel how just by massaging the head one can feel the benefits in the entire body. https://youtu.be/uZWb2YKD9gY

Ain’t Nothing But a Ghee Thing

So how could I not stand on top of a mountain and proclaim my love for Ghee?? It is truly God's amrit (nectar). Not only is it delicious, it has a host of benefits that does a body good. We all run around 'knowing' the words saturated, unsaturated, trans fats, etc, but often we don't … Continue reading Ain’t Nothing But a Ghee Thing