The Art of Transmission

A 9 month 60+ Hour Live Training on HOW TO GUIDE Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Being a teacher of meditation means first and foremost being a practitioner of moving thru states of consciousness. Many YTTs and other trainings only barely touch upon the profound nature of meditation, states of consciousness, and how to be a space holder for these ancient practices. This Teachers’ Training is for those with an ardent fire to share these practices with the utmost respect, maturity and depth. This Training focuses on entering meditative states and transmitting those states to our students, as well as deep inner work regarding the personality consciousness.


This training is for teachers and seekers who want to explore Yoga Nidra & Meditation beyond techniques — as states of consciousness. This is a training where YOU take the lead as a guide, and we hold space for your potential to emerge. Our emphasis will be on:

  • Stripping the “I” to its barest bones
  • Perfect Sankalpa and Sankalpa Shakti
  • Practices including Mantra, Yantra, & Japa
  • Preparatory and Post Practices: Pranayama, Joints and Glands, etc.
  • Fear as a Gateway to Trust
  • Brain Science and Sleep Hygiene 
  • Breath Training
  • Communal Learning with Your Peers
  • Protection & Invoking Guru
  • Embodying Consciousness and Establishing the Seat of the Teacher 
  • What is Transmission
  • Meditative Voice, Pacing and Personalized Scripts
  • Transmission & Creativity
  • Leading Meditations: Anapana Sati, So’Ham, Vishoka, Metta, Buddhist Practices etc.
  • Leading Yoga Nidra: 31 Point, 61 Point, 75 Breaths, Golden Egg. etc.
  • And more…

SCHEDULE (tentative – subject to change)

All Timings are EST, offered on ZOOM
Participants MUST be present live for 90% of training sessions to receive certification
Monthly meetings may also be scheduled on months we are not in training

7/29-7/31 2022 (Fri-Sun) 10.5 Hours
9am – 12:30pm

Working with Sankalpa
8/26-27 2022 (Fri-Sun) 10.5 Hours
9am – 12:30pm

Establishing the Preparations
11/11-13 2022 (Fri-Sun) 10.5 Hours
(alternate dates 11/18-20th)
9am – 12:30pm

Teaching Methodology
12/17 & 18 2023 (Sat & Sun) 11 hours
9am -12:30pm
2pm – 4pm

Teaching Methodology
3/4 & 5 2023 (Sat & Sun) 11 hours
9am -12:30pm
2pm – 4pm

Guru Parampara
3/11 & 12 2023 (Sat & Sun) 11 hours
9am -12:30pm
2pm – 4pm

Contact Hours: 64.5 (live)
Self-Guided: ~15 (reading + assignment)


  • Live Teachings on important and rarely discussed aspects of Transmission of Meditation & Yoga Nidra
  • Training Manual with PDFs of Textual References
  • Guided Scripts
  • 80 CEs with Yoga Alliance
  • Certificate of Training Completion as a Certified Meditation Instructor
  • A Community of Committed Yoga Practitioners, including an online community discussion board
  • 40 Day Meditation Sadhana eCourse – Lifetime Access


Vishoka Meditation by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait (mandatory)

Awakening Power in Yoga Sutra: Vibhuti Pada by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait (suggested)


MUST attend 90% of all sessions LIVE to receive certification and transmission
Written & Reading assignments will be given throughout

Prerequisites (one of the following must apply to you):

  • Committed practitioner of 4 years (any yoga or meditation tradition; do not have to be a yoga teacher), or
  • Have your own committed daily practice of 1 year, or
  • Have completed the previous LOY training on Intro to Meditative Techniques (if you have not, please note the recordings are available for purchase)

    If you do not fulfill any of these requirements and want to join, please contact me for an interview

    It is highly suggested that you stabilize your practice for 40 days continuously beforehand. A stable practice confers a stable mind which is necessary prerequisite of having the enormous responsibility of guiding others


  • Submit written assignments
  • Submit 3 case studies on others, and 3 case studies on self

A Note on Course Fees

I have thought long and hard about how much to charge for this training. This training requires the highest level of purity and intention from my side in offering these sublime teachings on meditative transmission.

I have been guided by my own connection to my lineages to offer it in the Spirit of Gurudakṣiṇā. Gurudakṣiṇā refers to the tradition of repaying one’s teacher or guru after a period of study or the completion of formal education, or an acknowledgment to a spiritual guide. The tradition is one of humility, acknowledgment, respect, and thanks. It is a form of reciprocity and exchange between student and teacher, and is decided by the student at the end of the training period. Therefore, no essence of monetary exchange is embedded within the transmission of teachings throughout the training period.

Please submit your registration form below by MAY 31st – once I have gone through it I will contact you for further steps.

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