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WELCOME to our sustainable handicraft store in which products that celebrate India‘s heritage of natural fibers and materials are sold. Here at Simply Himalaya Handicrafts we:

* Pay fair amounts to the handicraft artisans and farmers we buy from 

* Give 10% of all profits to the Simply Himalaya Trust which supports Rural Himalayan Education & Livelihoods, including our main project APV School in the Garhwal Himalayas 

* Share our love of the incredible handicraft culture of India

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we do! Every product has been tried and tested by us to ensure that they have beauty as well as functionality!

The Yoga World is overrun with those that have capitalized from the indigenous products and teachings, and have created a multibillion dollar ‘wellness’ industry from synthetic and unnatural products.

Support local South Asian Artists and Business Owners and purchase locally sourced items!

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Rare Himalayan Quartz Healing Mālā | Japa Mālā

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Himalayan Quartz is a stone of self-discovery, transformation, self-empowerment, and serenity. It offers deep spiritual cleansing and works as a guide through our journey of life and through periods of intense personal metamorphosis.

Emotionally, Himalayan Quartz helps you to acknowledge deeply held self-destructive emotional patterns and fears and then to replace those emotions with calmness, peace, and trust. It allows you to live in the present.

Himalayan Quartz is believed to be a powerful healing and energy amplifier. It is said to invigorate and energize the mind and body making you feel good in all regards. It is thought to help ear infections, hearing, tinnitus, balance, the spine, and nervous system, and Multiple Sclerosis. It is also thought to help with blood sugar levels, diabetes, anemia, pain, or discomfort anywhere in the body.

Himalayan Quartz can be used to cleanse, amplify, and recharge other crystals. It is an ideal stone to open, activate, and charge all seven Chakras and is associated to all twelve signs of the zodiac. Himalayan Quartz is a rare and ancient variety of Quartz that formed within the Himalayan Mountains. This mountain range runs through the countries of Nepal and Bhutan, as well as creating the border between India and China.

How to Use:

This māla is for healing purposes - wear it near the skin to amplify your own energy and remove excess impurities in the nadis (energy channels) and accumulations from external environment. You can wear this māla in the shower no problem! Looks beautiful dressed up or down, on all colors as it reflects everything it comes in contact with.

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