I am happy to announce, ARYA YOGA SCHOOL (AYS), a teacher training dedicated to the preservation of the teachings of Patanjali and the Buddha. After over a decade of teaching, I have found that there is a decline in the quality of yoga teachers and education. This has really inspired me to want to create this opportunity for serious practitioners, or those who wish to understand how to walk the path of Yoga. AYS will delve into how we can become an “arya”, or noble one – one who practices, embodies, and shares the classical and integral teachings of Yoga by their living example though alignment of thought, speech and action. This teacher training is for those who have a serious intention, dedication and practice, and are seeking truly the way of liberation through the 8 limbs and 8 fold noble path in this modern world. What this means is following the basic ethical standards of yamas and niyamas as described by Patanjali, or sila as described by the Buddha. If a practitioner cannot establish a strong ethical foundation, then further progress is hampered. But if this base is strong, one can truly walk the path. The first AYS training will be held in India near the Ganga river to gain maximum blessings and vibration from the motherland herself. I wish you all continued success!

200 YTT near Rishikesh, India coming October/November 2020

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