Sadhana refers to a spiritual practice that is undertaken with focus and intention. Yogis for 1000s of years have done their sadhana in the recesses of Himalayan caves without the disturbance of outside distractions from their inward journey to the infinite. For most of us, this seems an improbable reality. However, sadhana can be accessed by us through our devout and systematic daily practice, within the lives that we lead in the world.

Next 40 Day Sadhana LIVE begins Oct 9th – Nov 17th!
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I want to honestly say that this class is one of the the best things I’ve done for myself in the past decade. I have practiced western-style physical yoga for some time, and for much of that time have wanted to grow more deeply into the wisdom practices of yoga. I have tried a variety of meditation practices both with and without a live teacher, without ever learning to love meditation deeply and consistently. With Khushi’s help, that has now changed. I will continue a daily meditation practice because now I love it, even on the days when it’s really hard.

This class covers a lot of ground in 6 short weeks, but with Khushi’s guidance the progression feels natural. Khushi’s teaching is rooted in tradition, but contemporary in presentation. It encourages discipline, while being forgiving. It balances spiritual practice with scientific fact. My only regret about this class is that it was over too soon! I will recommend it widely to my friends.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been “intermittently” meditating for maybe 13 years. The most I would do was three times a week. This course came at the perfect time for me. I was transitioning jobs, starting a new year, and really wanted to commit to the practice, so I signed up. I think I am 60 days in now – and am so grateful I took the course. Today I had my first big work event. I woke up and realized this was the first time before a big day that I went to sleep with ease, woke up and got ready without feeling nervous. I’m better able to be present and experience emotions and let them pass if they don’t serve me. This was a milestone for me. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to start, commit, or further their practice. Even virtually, it’s a nurturing community with an excellent teacher. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Khushi’s recorded 40-day sadhana meditations are magical because they present you with what you need in that moment. I participated in the sadhana when I was just beginning a meditation practice years ago, and again recently as I am trying to re-establish my practice. This course was accessible to me as a beginning meditator, but also so enjoyable for me after having more meditation experience. Each time I was able to have a deep inner experience. 

I also enjoyed the quick weekly check-in sessions via Zoom. It was a nice way to connect with other meditators and share experiences. The meetings helped with accountability and prompted me to reflect on how I was interpreting and interacting with the weekly practice. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having done the 40 day meditation twice, once remotely and the second time with weekly check-ins and support. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend and Encourage others to ‘take the leap’ and sign up for this. Khushi’s generosity, clarity and openheartedness hold us as we go through this course. I have meditated in different modes for many years, but this 40 day cycle has set me on a new path,  one that provides me with a sustaining meditation model that i hope to continue for the rest of my life. Good Luck and Blessings to all.  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Khushi is an artist; her teaching is an act of creativity. I had been meditating for 10 years before taking her 40-Day Immersion course, but how little I knew! Khushi’s counsel has reshaped my understanding of meditation—what it means and why to engage in it. I could not recommend this course more highly. Any time spent with Khushi will be meaningful and magical  

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For 40 days Khushi led us on a pilgrim’s journey to a focused mind, open heart and heightened awareness. From the breath to energy (prana), we explored a way of being still with her gentle voice as our meditative guide.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


This 40 day sadhana is a daily entry to the silent cave within. Every week for 6 weeks, I offer a specific 10-25 minute guided meditation and lectures on meditation topics to help you establish a sitting meditation practice in your home, office, trains, planes & automobiles.

Each week will provide new facets into meditation. Once you make the commitment to sit every day for 40 days, use the meditation recording for that specific week daily as a guide-map for your meditation sadhana. You can start anytime with the self-guided option, or join a periodic 40 day session period with live check-ins with me.

After the sadhana period is complete, you will have a better understanding and commitment of what meditation is and how you can sustain a daily practice, as well as what meditation practices suit your unique temperament.


Oct 9th – Nov 17th 2021

Saturday Check-ins (6 in total)
11am ~ 11:30am EST

These check-ins serve to answer any questions about meditation techniques and topics, share experiences, and introduce new techniques. The rest of the week, participants use the recording provided to practice


Sadhana Live with eCourse Access
(Oct 9th – Nov 17th 2021)

~ 6 Live 30 Minute Check ins with me and the group to share (Saturdays 11am EST)

~ Mobile Friendly App and lifetime access to the Meditation Sadhana eCourse

~ Access to 6 Meditation Recordings that build upon each other: Breath Awareness, So Hum, Third Eye, Chakras, Lotus of the Heart & Universal Compassion Meditations

~ 6 prerecorded lectures for each week (~ 3 hours of video content)

~ Preparatory & Supporting Practices

~ Unlimited email support during your sadhana period

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*** For those who already have access to the eCourse or have already partaken in the Sadhana – please contact me for discounted rate ***

40 Day Meditation Sadhana Live!

Oct 9th – Nov 17th


40 Day Meditation & Pranayama Sadhana Live!

Both Sadhanas! Please expect to give a commitment of ~45min – 1 hour each day if doing both (Pranayama sadhana includes daily live sessions)


Self Paced eCourse
(Start Anytime)

~ Mobile Friendly App with purchase of ecourse

~ Access to 6 Meditation Recordings that build upon each other

~ 6 prerecorded lectures for each week (~ 3 hours of video content)

~ Unlimited email support during your sadhana period