~ Chakras the Elixir of Life eCourse

breathe life into your 7 subtle body centers – through lectures, practices and guided self-study. a truly intensive course that takes one on a journey within. includes 8 lecture videos, 7 practice videos, meditations and journaling prompts. (20 CEs with Yoga Alliance)

~ 40 Day Meditation Sadhana eCourse

a course to bring you in contact with a sustained daily meditation practice – 6 different meditations to find what is right for you over the course of a 40 day commitment for you by you

~ Subtle Body Series

my absolute favourite thing to teach! a course to deepen your understanding of the layers that make up this human body and mind, and the where these aspects are derived from in the yogic texts. 3 pre-recorded workshops through lecture and practice that take you into the Koshas (5 sheaths), the Vayus (the pranic winds) and the Yogic Mind (6 CEs with Yoga Alliance)