Brahma Mudra

Brahma Mudra is by far one of my favorite practices, especially because it is available to everyone. It is one of those sequences that grows as the student goes deeper into their practice. Although externally simple, Brahma Mudra allows you to access the deeper channels of inner focus and ease in your sitting posture.

Using the eyes as the guiding indriya (faculty or sense), the body follows effortlessly.  Brahma Mudra allows for release in the neck and shoulders, and also strengthening of the retinas and memory. Through this physical asana we can cultivate a clear, calm, and tranquil mind, one that is firmly rooted in dharana (one-pointedness). 

The Practice:


In your meditation posture, fix your gaze softly in front of you. Drop your breath into your diaphragm, letting your shoulders and neck subtly release. This is the central position.


As you exhale, bring your head towards the back of your body, extending the back of your neck instead of contracting it. Let your eyes softly gaze at the tip of your nose. Inhale and come back to center.


On your next exhale, drop your chin to your chest, extending the back of your neck. Focus your eyes to the eyebrow center, the Ajna chakra. Breathe as if you are breathing from the center of your eyebrows. Inhaling, come back to center.


Letting your eyes lead, on the next exhale, allow your head and neck to follow your eyes to the left, making sure your shoulders are fixed. Look past your left shoulder. Inhale and come back to center.


On your next exhale, with your eyes leading to the right, allow your head and neck to follow. Look past your right shoulder, making sure your shoulders are soft, your spine straight. Inhale and come back to center, taking a few breaths here with the eyes closed, noticing the changes in your body.

**Note: Each pose in this sequence can be held for several breaths, depending on the intensity of release you prefer

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  1. I am enjoying Brahma Mudra and hope to work with it in my classes this week.
    It was delightful to meet you last weekend Kyushi and hope to cross paths again.
    Namaste, Megan

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