Nadi Shodhana Tutorial |Video

Here is a step by step tutorial on alternate nostril breathing, an excellent pranayama for balancing the mind and preparing for meditation. Three techniques are given for basic to intermediate practice, including breath retention and without use of hands. Read more about this pranayama’s benefits in my previous post about Nadi Shodhana

Duration: 15 minutes

3 thoughts on “Nadi Shodhana Tutorial |Video

    1. Hi Padmaja

      Thank you for sharing this article. I have done much research on this through my studies, and experientially as well. It is 100% possible and actually does happen. Scientists used to believe that after a certain age in adolescence, the brain was relatively fixed and could not change. Now, through new technology and brain imaging, they are starting to understand that the brain has the capacity to change and grow at all ages depending on the practices we do. Meditation helps to increase gray matter as well as an immense amount of other benefits to the brain and the body including slowing the cellular aging. Prolonged stress causes immense damage to the body, and meditation is the cure to the damaging effects of the stress response.

      1. Dear Khushi

        Thanks for the response. The information you shared is very interesting. If only the stressed out people realize this and meditate, the world would be one happy place.


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