What is Yoga Nidra? | Article

β€œ(This) extraordinary sleep of no slothfulness, which removes (any) thought of the world of multiplicity, manifests for people when all their former attachments have vanished because of the superiority of their inward awareness. Yoganidra, in which extraordinary happiness arises from uninterrupted practice, blossoms in the yogin whose basis of intentional and volitional thought has been … Continue reading What is Yoga Nidra? | Article

Yoga Nidra Practice – Entering the Lotus of the Heart | Audio/Video

Many ancient traditions talk of the mystery of the lotus of the heart, the original home of the mind. This deep relaxation of yogic sleep practice helps one to rest the body, clarify the mind and energize the spirit. Yoga Nidra is a perfect tool for those with anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, nervous system imbalance, … Continue reading Yoga Nidra Practice – Entering the Lotus of the Heart | Audio/Video

61 Point Relaxation | Video

61 point relaxation is one part of the Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) technique, and gives one an overall sense of peace, contentment and energy by linking the mind in a relaxed and attentive state to the body as it rests. This is a guided practice that takes you through the internal energy centers in the … Continue reading 61 Point Relaxation | Video